Summer of 2014

So many great things have happened over the course of the last couple of months. And I feel that there are many more to come. I have been working at Emerson Process Management for… wow… almost 2 months now. Time truly does fly nowadays. I’ve also had a lot of time to think, seeing as most people have left Knoxville or even the US for that matter. I realized just how much time I have wasted over the course of my lifetime and it has probably become one of my greatest regrets. Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now. Just strive to continue on to greatness.

Greatness. I find it very interesting that there are so many people who continue to settle for anything less and insist on being complacent. I suppose I shouldn’t say insist. They probably don’t wake up and think to themselves ‘Today I will be complacent.’ Well, at least I would certainly hope not. Whenever I think of a blog I’m always reminded of the movies. Someone is sitting alone in their room, writing about their problems, and they unknowingly have people who actually read their posts. If you’re reading this I only have one question. Why? There is almost nothing interesting or new about anything I have said. But here goes my first try.

612 (pronounced six-twelve): Too many of you it is just a number. A not so great credit score or maybe an area code. For me though, 612 is a symbol of family. My vast international family. My sophomore year of college I lived in the Apartment Residence Hall (aka Andy Holt) on the sixth floor (the International Village floor) in room 6-1-2. Andy Holt was definitely not the best housing on campus (before you moved in you had to sign a waiver saying the school wasn’t liable if you got sick because the walls had been painted with lead-based paint…), but I suppose you have to risk your health to have the best roommates. Well, mostly the best roommates. This isn’t sounding as great as when I was saying it in my head. Now back to the mushy stuff. Living on the international floor has been one of the greatest decisions I’ve made to date. Hands down. Yet also one of the most emotional. Having people from all over the world come into your life, to just leave as soon as you really connect with them.

I may have to take a break with this and come back to it when I can really take the time to make it good. Stay tuned.