v12m Month One

September 2018

7 September 2018

Just launching this site now. I will use the page for each month to publish updates and notes about that month’s video.

8 September 2018

Step One: Music

For this first one I’m going to start with the music. A few weeks ago I stumbledupon the website NewIndie which collects and sells songs from Soundcloud to help support the artists. Every week they give away one new song so I’ve been saving those for future use.

That time is now.

Most of them are pretty good but I wasn’t sold on any of them in particular. Then, last week the perfect song showed up in my inbox. I won’t share it here yet, but I will attach a link after the video is finished.

Step Two: Story

The music doesn’t have any lyrics so I won’t be able to use that as a way to develop a theme. The song is glitchy which evokes ideas of computers and tech, almost Tron-like visuals. This could be a great opportunity to experiment with VFX/motion graphics with DaVinci Fusion.

9 September 2018

There was no progress made today on this month’s film.

10 September 2018

Today I spent time thinking about what the music reminded me of. At first I was thinking of creating something darker but the upbeat tempo of the song doesn’t fit well with that.

I had an idea of how to incorporate the recent Fusion tutorial that I watched and created a pretty cool clip this evening. This is a screenshot and link to the clip.

From here I think I will keep the live action to a minimum and use motion graphics for the rest.

I had another idea of using letters on the screen as the characters and they’re “acting” out the story. I remember seeing a video one time where somebody recreated the entire film of A New Hope with only text in the terminal.